Winter gardens MB-WG 60

The modern aluminum system enables to create winter gardens, hothouses and verandas that stand out for maximum access to daylight and high energy efficiency.



• The possibility to build very sophisticated and various arrangements, roof structures and terrace spaces.

• Modern and aesthetic structure with an integrated system for draining rain water.

• Freedom in choice of colors and glazing types.

• Durable and resistant structure for years thanks to the application of high-quality aluminum profiles.

• Usage comfort ensured by access to a lot of daylight.

• Individually devised garden structure, made of aluminum resistant to adverse weather conditions that ensures high stability and long-lasting durability.

• The possibility to equip windows in the winter garden with a smart control system with a remote control, a tablet or a smartphone.

• The possibility to apply various glass combinations: safe glass, anti-burglary, ornament, hardened etc.

• Complete water and wind tightness by the application of continuous EPDM membranes that also cut off cold external air from the internal aluminum profiles.

• The system is equipped with the optimum drainage and ventilation systems.

• The system profiles adopt next-generation special chamber separators so that they increase thermal insulation and resistance of winter gardens.


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